Prolific guitarist and author. Their music will immerse you in a creative universe without limits.

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His musical journey

Igor Paskual has built an impressive musical career as a guitarist, standing out as a member of the Loquillo band. 

Since his beginnings with Babylon Chat at the end of the last century, he has persisted in his devotion to rock and roll, drawing inspiration from legends such as Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones. 

His musical prowess is manifested in solo albums and collaborations, offering a unique sound experience. 

As an independent musician, he has defied the fleeting currents of the industry, keeping the essence of rock alive. 

His contribution to the Spanish music scene is an amalgamation of authenticity, creativity and passion.

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Babylon Chat

Diana & The Rockathones


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Explore Igor Paskual's creative universe on their YouTube channel, where music, passionate talk, and artistic expression merge with vibrant authenticity.