Degree in art history by the University of Oviedo

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Spain you

Igor presents the secrets of the most special buildings in Spain

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Between brushes and chords

Degree in art history by the University of Oviedo, his doctoral work deals with the sociological part of football stadiums: “Agoras or cathedrals: Stadiums as elements of social interaction in the cities of the Atlantic Arc.”

with your project “Sung Pictures”” combines music and art, but in a way that establishes a real link between the work and the sound piece since many times the painting is used as a background, in an epidermal way.

During the bicentennial of the Prado Museum he was curator of the tour “Pleasure and Pain. From canvas to sound” which was made in collaboration with the Reina Sofía Music School in Madrid.

Currently presenting the project Spain you (@espanarte_), a series of short pieces for instagram and TikTok where he reviews the art of our country in brief format to bring to society the cultural wealth that we possess

living heritage

Spain you

The secrets of the most special buildings in Spain.

visual sound

Sung Pictures

Igor puts music to the most important paintings.

Igor Paskual - chevron

living art

Transformative reflections

In a world where speed rules, Igor Paskual questions the relationship between the public and art. Why do many enter museums but the experience is not always rewarding? With his reflections, Igor invites us to rethink how we perceive and connect with the works, highlighting the importance of contextualizing them and offering tools to understand the richness they contain.

Igor Paskual - Pedraza Castle

sonic art

In 'Cuadros Cantados', Igor fuses music and art, creating an authentic link between the pictorial works and the sound pieces.

Living culture

Spanish cultural wealth in 'Españarte', where Igor presents brief explorations that connect society with its heritage.